Gaslicht Nederland

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  1. Pas op, het zijn oplichters!

  2. om te kotsen hun telefonische verkoop. ik sta in het bel me niet register en dan iedere dag bellen…wat een schande

  3. Verschrikkelijke ervaring mee, oplichters. Ze kwamen met een mooi verhaal over lagere tarieven en bij je huidige leverancier kunnen blijven. in het gesprek nog besproken dat het maandelijks opzegbaar is. Later blijkt dat ik ineens bij een andere leverancier zit, vastzit aan het contract en bijna 2 keer zoveel betaal als voorheen. Ik ben nu druk bezig met hen, de leverancier en mijn rechtsbijstand om hier onderuit te komen. Tot op heden nog geen succes.

  4. Spam bellen voor energie verkoop

  5. My experience has been terrible. It is actually a fake organization and they trick you especially if you are a Foreigner and trying to open your business. They will call you until you give up and give you a rate based on a stupid calculation which is very confusing and will misinform you about your usage and the contract. I got cheated and now I am trying to get out of the contract. The contract has not been started yet (it will start after a month) and right after they trapped me, I called to check if they canceled in 2-3 days. Still, these guys are not helping and asking me to contact the energy supplier directly and there is a 15% penalty. I have been calling the energy company Essent and Gas Licht. I have become a Ping-pong ball. No one is answering me honestly, first few times they told me the contract is canceled and you are not our customer ( both the companies). Then I receive an e-mail from Essent that I am a customer and here is the tariff and this rate may change even though I was offered a fixed 3 years contract. I am really confused and helpless. The tariff is not very clear and now after doing all the calculation, if I continue with the contract Gas Licht provided, I will end up paying nearly 2 times more than what I am paying. Please don’t do business with these guys. I am really stressed. Before even I started doing my business successfully, these guys tricked me into a rip-off deal. My God, I am planning to go to authorities and figure a way out to get out of this contract. No privacy or data protection. Over a phone whatever you say, they are making contracts. I just clicked to see the offer and they handed me a contract. I kept on saying “I am not approving this unless I understand it.

  6. Blijven bellen ondanks een registratie bij het bel-mij-niet register, en herhaaldelijke verzoeken tot verwijdering van mijn persoonsgegeven blijven deze gasten gewoon bellen.

    Meer dan onprofessioneel.

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